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Embedded ERP--Magento嵌入式ERP集成插件



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Embedded ERP主要功能: 采购管理,供应商订单,成本计算,供应需求, 库存管理,订单准备(备货)
在magento系统中集成Embedded ERP,提供了一个比较好的:更有效的库存管理,采购管理及订单准备和成本计算的电子商务解决方案。所有的这些功能都嵌入到Magento 管理面板中。

With Embedded ERP, transform Magento in a complete e-commerce solution to efficiently manage stocks, purchasing and order fullfilment : all this professional features are embedded in Magento admin panel, it means that there is no synchronization with another software and all features are easily available in magento menus. Moreover, our ERP is done for Magento : contrary to the other ERP, it is specialized for e-commerce processes and perfectly fits to Magento work flows.

As our solution is 100% open source, we can also provide customization to fit perfectly with your business requirements

Embedded ERP covers 4 essentials domains :

- Stock management : supports multi warehouses, inventory tracking, alert stock level, barcodes, sales history 
- Purchasing : manage supply needs (backorders and prefered stock level), suppliers, purchase orders 
- Order preparation : mass order fullfilment, picking, mass print, shipping labels 
- Product availability, order planning : advanced product availbility message, order forecast to estimate a delivery date for customer

Installed on more than 500 Magento websites, Embedded ERP is the best ERP solution for Magento. Last, embedded ERP is also designed to support communication with logistic company and drop shipping


Stock management


Multiple warehouses, router

In Magento ERP it is possible to have multiple warehouses defined, which is useful for many reasons

- Because you have several warehouses 
- Because you have stock for your physical store and stock for your website 
- Because you want to import your supplier stock levels to display products in stock 
- Because you want to group defective products 
- Because you want to group products you loan

You can create as many warehouses as you want and it is possible to assign any warehouse to any website – many to many relationship

Another great feature is the Router. The router chooses which warehouse to take stock from based on selection defined in the advanced stock priority configuration settings. This includes : A favourite warehouse for one product, any warehouse having stock or default warehouse.... This means an order can be shipped from different places

Stock movements

Having accurate stock management is not an easy task. To help you our Embedded ERP stores every stock movement for future tracking, for example stock errors. When you ship an order, create a purchase order, deliver, or refund a product, Embedded ERP automatically creates a new stock movement. Each stock movement has a type and a description (mandatory) to clearly understand the reason why a product left or arrives in stock. You can of course manually override or create stock movement.

Sales history, alert stock level

Embedded ERP maintains sales statistics using three customisable time frames. This information is then available in all screens. From this sales history, you can create an algorithm to calculate preferred stock level and alert low stock levels based on this sales history. When a product stock level reaches the low stock alert, an order form is created.


Using barcodes for your products has many advantages. You can achieve accurate pick up's and accurate deliveries. ERP can manage several barcodes from one SKU, print barcode labels on a laser or thermal printers, print barcodes on picking lists and work with a hand held scanner to perform picking / deliveries / inventory operations



Suppliers management

First, you can manage supplier database : Each supplier has an address, email (to send purchase order request), a delivery delay, a default currency, a tax rate, a discount rate and also information about carriage free, minimum of orders etc

Product / Supplier association

Once suppliers are created, you can associate products to suppliers : it's very important to associate products to supplier as it will be a big help creating purchase order from supply needs as you'll be able to ask ERP : tell me all i have to purchase at Supplier A. ERP supports multiple supplier per product, each supplier can have a custom SKU, buy price, discount rate etc...

Supply needs

Supply needs is probably the more exciting feature about Purchasing in ERP : it contains all products you have to purchase because customer placed back orders or because product stock level has reached alert stock level. In every case, ERP display to quantities to purchase

- Minimum quantity : this is the quantity you MUST purchase to fullfill sales order 
- Maximum quantity : if you have good supplier price condition, this is the ideal quantity you have to purchase to fullfill orders and issue prefered stock levels.

From the supply needs list, you can filter the list by manufacturer or supplier, read a summary to know how much you have to purchase for each supplier and easily tranform supply need in a purchase order !

Purchase orders

The finale goal for Purchase feature is managing purchase orders

You can create purchase orders from scratch or importing supply needs. Purchase orders supports multi currency, multi tax rates, landing costs, unit price for products,quantity, packaging and estimated time of delivery.

Once your purchase order is ready, you can automatically send an email to your supplier with the PO PDF

Waiting delivery, ERP has updated product availability displaying messages such as : Back in stock in 1 week

Last, you can create several purchase order delivery to increase stock level and PO progress rate.


Order preparation

Preparation state management

Our ERP software manages all your supply chain and stock levels. It knows for each order what products are in stock or reserved and what products are missing. Then, the order preparation screen displays two order lists: Full stock orders (all products are available and reserved) and stockless orders (orders where at least one product is missing). From these lists, the logistic operator can select which orders he wants to fulfil- complete orders and partial shipments.

Mass order management

Take advantage of super fast order fulfilment. Our ERP software offers an optimised process to efficiently mass fulfil orders :

- Picking list : this document summarises every products needed to prepare orders : the picking list is sorted by location / manufacturer to optimise the picking 
- Mass shipment creation : with one button, you can create shipments for all selected orders 
- Mass PDF print : with one button, print a merged PDF containing all invoices and packing slip 
- Mass notification : at the end of the process, one button allows you to notify customers about shipping

Shipping labels

ERP has the ability to communicate with your shipping software to

- Export order information to print shipping labels 
- Import tracking number to store them in orders

To be compatible with all shipping software, we have designed a wizard to easily customise import / export files. We have already implemented major carriers such as colissimo, tnt, ups, fedex ..




This is a very useful feature enabling you to manage internal communication between your employee. The organiser software allows you to add notes on Magento objects for example :product, order, supplier or purchase order. Notes can be assigned to an employee and supports email notification. When preparing an order, a summary of all notes for selected orders, can also be printed

Handled scanner

To improve stock management, you can use a hand held scanner with ERP for barcode reading. You can use the hand held scanner to help do the following:

- Create a purchase order delivery 
- Pick items on picking list 
- Inventory management 
- Barcode comparison

To use this awesome feature, you need a hand held barcode reader with browser and wifi support, such as Datalogic Memor

Synchronization with logistic company

If you are working with a logistic company to manage your stocks, fullfill orders and received purchase order, our External Logistic module allows to automatically synchronize Magento / Erp with your third party system. For more information go in External Logistic page

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is the ability to send order information direct to the supplier for shipping. ERP is compatible with our Drop Shipping extension that allows you to :

- Automatically import supplier stock levels in a specific warehouse 
- Live display drop shippable orders 
- Easily send drop ship information to your supplier- i.e.; order information, invoice, packing slip



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